About the Pupil Portal
About the Pupil Portal

The student portal is a service which provides all pupils secure access to a host of key information. This information is pulled directly from the school's central management information system (MIS). The portal is 100% web based meaning you just need a web browser to use it. It works from in school and from any location around the world that has internet access.

Every school will use the system differently and have direct requirements but at present every pupil can access the following information:

  • Timetable
  •  - including set history
  • Detention History
  • School Reports
Logging In
To login and use the service go to: Use your School network username and password to access the portal.

Home Page
When you log in you will be presented with your home page. At present it is fixed but soon pupils will be able to pick and choose what information and objects they would like on their front page. For now it shows your timetable (today and tomorrow). When you first log in you can register your mobile phone and choose a nickname.


  1. Lesson Plans
  2. Week Planner
  3. Topic Builder
  4. Glossary
  5. Assignments
  6. Self Tests
  7. Meetings
  8. Discussion Groups
  9. Forums
  10. Chat & Messenger
  11. Focused Email
  12. Group Projects
  13. Homepages
  14. Presentations
  15. Wiki
  16. Reading Lists
  17. Quiz’s
  18. Exams
  19. Calendar
  20. Lectures